Aizaz Ul Hassan

Mir Baker's App

Mir Baker’s app is a user-friendly mobile app designed to enhance your bakery experience. From exploring delightful treats to making seamless payments, this app brings the bakery menu to your fingertips.

Project Duration: 4-5 weeks

The Problem:

Any digital platform can experience technical issues, such as app crashes, slow loading times, or errors during the ordering process. This can frustrate users and discourage them from using the app.

The Goal:

Create an app design that caters to users of all ages, ensuring ease of use for both tech-savvy individuals and those less familiar with digital platforms.

Time Constraints and Convenience:

Many users expressed challenges in finding time to visit the physical bakery due to busy schedules. They mentioned that the lack of a convenient solution made it difficult to enjoy their favorite baked goods regularly.

Complex Customization:

Some users found the customization process confusing, especially when selecting specific flavors, sizes, and dietary preferences. The complexity led to uncertainty about whether their orders were accurately placed.

Technical Comfort Level:

A subset of users, particularly those less familiar with technology, encountered initial difficulties navigating the app. This created a barrier to entry for individuals who preferred traditional methods of ordering.

Visual Unappealingness:

Some users found the app's prototype visuals unappealing, lacking the warmth and charm they associated with bakeries. The visuals did not evoke the desired emotional connection.

My Role:

As a User Experience (UX) designer for the Mir Baker’s app. My role was crucial in shaping the app's overall usability, visual appeal, and user satisfaction.


My responsibilities involved creating an intuitive and enjoyable experience for users while aligning with the project's goals and objectives.

The user research findings underscore the importance of creating a user-friendly, visually appealing, and convenient app that accommodates a diverse range of users. Incorporating customization options, emphasizing data privacy, and implementing community engagement features will likely enhance user engagement and satisfaction. The Mir Baker’s app has the potential to resonate with the target audience and provide a delightful way for users to connect with the bakery and its offerings.

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